1 December 2018

The Inner Mirror - Soul Work in the Presence of Horses

11 August 2018

Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners

5 May 2018 

Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners

8 April 2018

The Inner Mirror

Deepening self-knowledge and understanding through mindful interactions with horses. Learning to live in the now, to accept yourself, to be more assured and confident, and to listen to your inner wisdom. 


24 February 2018

Meditation and Mindfulness with Horses

Experience the mental and spiritual benefits of somatic meditation in the presence of horses who will powerfully connect you with the grounded authenticity and immediacy of their Zen-like nature.


19 November 2017 

Mindfulness and Personal Discovery


25 November 2017 

The Art of Slower Living


2 December 2017 

Hoof Trimming for Horse Owners


3 December 2017 

Everyday Leadership