Counselling people in the presence of horses.



Beyond Talking

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In the presence of horses, so much comes to the surface without saying a word...

Make Rapid Breakthroughs

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This innovative technique breaks through "stuckness" with new thinking and behaviour as a result...

Connect with Nature

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Set in the countryside, away from it all, you will feel grounded just being in our wonderful natural surroundings...



Work one-on-one with the horses under expert facilitators to play out scenarios that lead to acceptance, resolution, and creativity.


Accept the invitation to focus on a particular goal or theme in small groups with the horses as guides and co-therapists. 



Help your team to take the next step toward developing the goals of your organisation by exploring leadership styles and maximising individual contributions. 


Team Training

Learn more about this exciting new field of Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy through lectures and presentations brought to your organisation by our experienced team. 

Horses give immediate, honest feedback to our emotions and behaviour that immediately opens doors to personal insight.
  • Does not involve riding horses
  • Supplements current therapy practices
  • Uses research-based methods
  • Set in a safe environment with friendly horses
  • Work with experienced and qualified facilitators
  • Spend time in nature
  • Discover personal breakthroughs
  • Less talking, more being
  • No knowledge of, or experience with, horses needed
This work is an amazing life-changing experience
— Michael