Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy

“I’ve never experienced anything like it before”

My work with Sue really has been life changing. I've come to blue skies, and life has become so much easier and full of joy and clarity - while nothing has changed around me. Just me has changed. Sue brings both extensive academic knowledge and a deep spiritual insight, which ensured she always found a way to help me unravel whatever there was to unravel. And then she guided me through the process with her diverse skills. I've had several counsellors over the years, and all processes contributed, but working with Sue, I haven't experienced anything like it before. I feel amazing, breaking through one thing after another resulting in lasting change.

— Ellen

"A safe nurturing environment"

It was a rare privilege to attend this workshop. It was a very deep learning experience for me. I met some amazing people and I was able to engage and express myself in a safe nurturing environment. I have been totally captivated by the depth of understanding our equine counterparts possess. A truly humbling experience that I highly recommend for people from all walks of life. 

— Jo


“I sleep very well now.”

I feel so much better since the workshop. I have let go a lot more now and I recall often the picture of the two horses that worked with me – they gave me such beautiful imagery. I sleep very well now. Thanks a lot! Big hug to you and the wonderful horses.

— Sonja


“Helped me to grow”

Sue has helped me to grow in many ways using my horse Indy. She is one caring woman.

— Karen

"A genuinely transformative experience"

I was moved by the sacred way in which Sue honours people and horses alike.  She allows space for inner wisdom to arise, and asks reflective questions to invite insight to grow.  The very natural way the horses are cared for allows their wisdom and healing gifts to emerge.  Many times throughout the day, I witnessed just the right horse stepping forward with a message and Sue has a special way of attuning your heart to hear it.  It was an honor to experience such a beautiful healing dynamic between the people, the land and the horses that comprise EarthHorse Aotearoa.  If you seek a genuinely transformative experience, you will find it here.

— Tiffany


“A wonderful experience”

I can highly recommend this, guys! Sue, Sarah and the herd are wonderful. [I had an] absolutely fantastic day, thank you for a wonderful experience!! I've come away with lots of new ideas and a fresh way of thinking

— Amy


“Deeply moving”

Meditation with horses workshop was deeply moving, educational, and nurturing. I loved it. Thankyou Sue

— Robert


Hoof Trimming Clinics

“I learnt loads”

A great clinic! I highly recommend that every horse owner attend one! Sue is a great teacher, I learnt loads. Even if you don't want to trim your own horses I recommend it so you will at least have some knowledge of what your trimmer is doing.

— Andrea


“An enjoyable and revealing day”

Sue, thank you for your insightful, intelligent and engaging workshop. The hours slipped by so quickly they felt like minutes, it was such an enjoyable and revealing day. Having ridden for over 20 years I now look down at my horses feet and see something quite different - just amazing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

— Helen

“Great balance of theory and practical”

Amazing clinic today. Learnt so much. Great balance of theory & practical. I'd recommend it to anyone.

— Kat


“A non-invasive, holistic approach”

If your horse is barefoot, whether you trim yourself or someone does it for you, I believe this clinic is a must to attend. You owe it to your horse to take responsibility for his or her hoof care.... Sue takes a non invasive, holistic approach. She is very careful to assess the horse and 'read' the hoof carefully before recommending an approach. She treats each horse as an individual, is careful to only do what the horse needs and takes the time to listen to us the owner if we have worries or concerns.... Please, if you love your horses, consider taking a few hours out of your life to do this clinic - it's the least you can do for your beautiful friend who does so so much for you.

— Lisa


Equine Touch Bodywork

“Depth of relaxation”

I have 3 horses, each very different in breed, size and nature. Sue Court offered some Equine Touch treatment to all three and they responded very well…. I found it amazing to see the depth of relaxation reached by [each horse] by the end of each session, this became more evident and happened more quickly in subsequent treatments. 

— Rosie


“Even my nervous horses soon became relaxed”

My horses loved Sue, even my nervous horses soon became relaxed with Sue's gentle approach. Sue is a friendly, lovely lady with so much passion for her work and happy to share her knowledge.

— Sophie

“Condition and weight improved”

Thankyou so much for your treatment on our two horses Sox and Ben. They clearly loved their ET work and became very calm and relaxed during the treatment.  You have a very natural connection and manner with the horses. They took to you immediately and were relaxed and calm in your presence. I noticed after the course of treatment both horses condition and weight improved and they seemed to move more freely. I would definitely use your services again. 

— Noela


“Heaps of processing going on”

Thanks for Bella's treatment yesterday she was so funny and spent a large part of the afternoon yawning and blowing then she stood in the corner of her paddock and had a long sleep — heaps of processing going on there. The whole treatment was amazing. Bella loved almost every minute of it and Sue discovered why she was tilting her head doing her lateral flexions and it is something we can help with.

— Carol

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