Holistic Well-being for Horse and Human 

Our desire to provide some rebalance in the equine-human relationship has led us to build the equine business and to develop our lifestyle of bringing health and harmony to horse and human in partnership. We live with our herd of seven beautiful horses on our forest-clad property in the Waikato, Aotearoa.

For the human: Equine Assisted Counselling brings people and horses together to learn from the horse's honest and direct communication with each other and with people. In the therapy environment horses provide effective emotional and behavioural models for successful living. Reiki, and Meditation sessions with the horses are available to enhance and deepen the experience.

For the horse: Equine Touch body work induces deep relaxation, releases tension in traumatized soft tissue and improves muscle tone, while barefoot trimming sets up the horse for optimum health.