Individual Equine Assisted Counselling and Personal Growth Sessions last from 60 to 90 minutes (depending on the process during each session) and cost $80. Discounts are available for booking a block of 6 or more sessions ($70 per session).



Equine Encounters

We offer 50 minute "meet the horses" sessions where you can mingle with the herd or spend time with one horse in our peaceful environment. (Wheelchair accessible except in very wet conditions). $60 per family (maximum 4 people including children)



How to Speak "Horse"

A dynamic ten week course one-on-one to learn how to handle horses through applying their natural body language. DURATION: 60 minutes. COST $80. Discounts for booking 10 sessions (@ $65 a session).



Personal Development Half Day Sessions

Individuals and small groups are invited to book for half day sessions (2.5 to 3 hours duration) where you can choose to work with the horses on one of the themes below, or choose a personal theme or aim of your own. (Choice of morning or afternoon sessions). COST: $260 for two to four people / $160 for a single person.

  • Meditating with Horses
  • Connecting with your "Inner Horse"
  • Rediscovering Stillness and Slowness
  • Discovering hidden Leadership Qualities
  • Befriending your Inner Critic
  • Working with Goal Setting
  • Spirituality the Equine Way



The one-day workshops put emphasis on personal discovery such as Meditation with Horses, Decision-making, The Inner Critic, Enhancing Creativity, and Personal Power and Leadership Skills. Maximum of 4 participants. COST: $110 per person. 



Team Training

Help your team to take the next step toward developing the goals of your organisation by exploring leadership styles and maximising individual contributions. Workshops are available for corporate/business/organisational groups. Quotes are given on request according to numbers, duration, and location. 


Practitioner Introduction to Equine Assisted Therapy

For certified and experienced practitioners in mental health, Earthhorse Aotearoa offers a twelve-hour course as introduction to the Equine Assisted Therapy modality. While this provides mental health practitioners with a unique opportunity to explore aptitude for the practice, we do not offer certification. We recommend the Equine Psychotherapy Institute in Victoria, Australia, for professional training and certification following our introductory course. The 12-hour course can be taken over a weekend (ideal for people living some distance away) or can be experienced as 6 sessions of 2 hours duration for those living nearby. Trainees work in pairs to allow for practical experience. COST: $960.

TO MAKE AN APPLICATION: Write an email expressing interest and we will respond with further information and an application form. 

Horsemanship experience is essential, preferably in natural horsemanship, but if this is lacking, clients may engage in the "How to speak Horse" ten week course first.

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Hoof Trimming Workshops

After offering hoof trimming services for 18 years we recognise the need to show horse owners how they can look after their own horse's hooves. We have been teaching these workshops for four years now and they have proved to be very popular. Unlike most hoof trimming training, we offer hands-on experience and follow-up consultations. We teach the workshops at our own venue at Earthhorse, and we also travel to other locations. Quotes and details are given on request.



Bodywork: Equine Touch

Sue is a qualified Equine Touch practitioner and travels to locations around the Waikato giving body-work treatments to horses. Equine Touch is a scientifically derived modality and an internationally recognised organisation. The horses really love this body-work and derive huge benefit if they have sore muscles from overwork/underwork, ill-fitting saddles, ageing or injury. Quotes and details are given on request. 



Learn more about this exciting new field of Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy through lectures and presentations brought to you by our experienced team.



We use and sell to our clients BioMed Equine for treatment of rain scald, mud fever, rotten frogs, and seedy toe. We highly recommend this product and have found it very effective. BioMed works by introducing beneficial micro-organisms which compete with and ultimately overcome the pathogenic bacteria which cause the disease. BioMed is made from a naturally brewed combination of beneficial bacteria and fungi. There are no chemical additives or plant derived biocides contained in the product. BioMed is a pro-biotic product rather than a biocide. Check it out on BioMed's website: